Friday, March 22, 2013

Grateful Our Paths Cross

One of the great things about my work at CitySquare, and frankly what has been my privilege throughout my ministry, has been the opportunity to meet fascinating people! Some of them famous, some not so famous, some not famous at all. But they have all been people who have been passionately committed to something that has made life better for others; they have been people who have challenged my thinking and helped me understand my own commitments and life journey. In many ways, they have been my window to a different world or a different time.

Recently I met Alfonso Romo Garza. Alfonso has founded an organization named 'Educaruno Fundacion' which sponsors a contest, 'Desina el Cambio'(Design for Change),  in which children - yes, children - are challenged to make a difference in their own community, beginning with how they feel about a situation they want to make better,  using their imagination to produce a solution, a commitment to do something about it and to share what they have done It is powerful! It is the very essence of true education. If we were more committed to this process than to seeing that every child answers every question 'correctly' on a standardized test, we'd be producing more genius.

Alfonso is passionately committed to seeing this genius unlocked in the children of Mexico and throughout the world. And meeting him, listening to him and learning about his organization was a delight.

I will soon have the opportunity to meet Eboo Patel. Patel is President of Interfaith Youth Core which seeks to build bridges of cooperation among people of faith. Patel is an author, lecturer and passionately committed to helping the world to see that interfaith dialogue and understanding can only heighten our personal faith journeys and need not be a source of division and antagonism.

I'm grateful for a number of things in my life. One of those things is the opportunity to have my life enriched through my encounters with people who are trying to make the world better for us all!

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