Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shame! Shame! Shame!

So the assault weapons ban won't be voted on in the U.S. Senate. 
It's not just a shame. It's cowardice. 
To propose this legislation, is a sign that someone among Washington's Senate understands that assault weapons are killing machines that are not manufactured for hunting, target practice, or gun collection. The sole purpose for their manufacture and use is to slaughter other human beings. 
Newton caused a momentary pause for this country to reflect and make a decision on whether or not we would be a nation with a commitment - a real commitment - to the sanctity of life. Certainly anything can be used to kill. And there are other kinds of guns. The sane and the insane take life. But there are some weapons which ought only be used by trained soldiers in war. And we ought not be swift to enter into conflicts that call for their use. 
The Constitutions Second Amendment isn't meant for this. And elected officials who have used it's supposed 'violation' should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to played by the NRA and the gun manufacturers lobby. 
Here is an account of the explanation of why the bill was dropped...
"The decision to drop ban indicated that Democrats could sense that the overall bill likely had no chance of passing with an assault weapons language included."
"“I’m not going to try to put something on the floor that won’t succeed,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.  “I want something that will succeed. The worst thing in the world would be to bring something to the floor and it dies there. I am working to put something together than can get 60 votes on the floor.”"
"Reid guessed that the measure, sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., had support from fewer than 40 senators, far less than the 60 votes needed for passage"
"The assault weapons ban will still get a vote. It will be voted on as a standalone measure as an amendment to the base gun control bill. But stripping it off the base bill leaves it vulnerable and decreases the chance of it passing, as it will not receive the same support that it could have if it was bundled with the other less controversial measures."
"Last Thursday the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of the assault weapons ban bill during their markup of gun legislation."
"Feinstein today told reporters she was informed of the decision by the Democratic leadership on Monday night and was “disappointed” in the decision and that her efforts at the end of the day were not good enough."
Diane Feinstein has nothing for which she need apologize. Harry Reid does. 
America deserves to know the names of all who believe that our government needs to sanction greater access to the killing machines that have exposed our country to so much horrendous slaughter. 
There are times when votes are not just points which show who wins and who loses. There are times when votes are moral markers. In those times it's wrong to give elected officials the chance to abstain.

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