Friday, March 8, 2013

Wealth Inequality in America...It's Worse Than You Think!

Not so very long ago, the country was engrossed with the emergence of the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement. This apparently inchoate, untidy group of protesters who literally blocked Wall Street, who demonstrated by setting up camps in public spaces across the nation, raised their voices against the power yielded by 'the 1%' - the 1% of the country which controlled most of our nation's wealth.

These 'Occupiers' were not just young people. They were college graduates, with undergrad and post-grad degrees, hundreds of thousand dollars in debt and unable to find work. They were middle aged - afraid that they wouldn't be able to retire, or who had been laid off of jobs unable to find employment. They were elderly, protesting exorbitant health care costs, or afraid that their grandchildren would live in a world that wouldn't give them a fair shot.

The were a cross section of America, black, white, Hispanic, old and young, Democrat, Independent and even some Republican who believed that the inequality of wealth in America was choking out opportunity. 

Most wondered whether or not the movement would survive. Many mistakenly sought to gauge their 'success' with whether or not their adherents joined or formed a political party and whether or not someone representing their issues, would seek political office. They insisted that they would raise public consciousness to the issue and make their voices heard in the streets until America grappled with the issue of strangling wealth inequality. 

The problem, however, wasn't quite as bad as they tried to make it. 

It is far, far worse!

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