Friday, April 12, 2013

The Internet: What Would We Do Without It?

When it works, I sometimes joke with my friends that technology is the best thing God ever made. When it doesn't work, I tell my friends that technology is of the devil!

It's interesting how far we've come in so very short a time. When I began writing op-ed pieces for the Dallas Morning News, for instance, I typed them on an IBM electric typewriter (a 'selectric'?!). I then faxed the finished copy to the editor of the editorial page. I then called to let him know that I was sending it. I either type it in the body of an email or attach it to an email. 

The difference? The Internet!

It's hard to believe that, at one time we had to do without it. 

I'm not sure what this advance has cost us. It appears we are less communicative, more isolated (in our offices, we are guilty of sending emails that could be equally, if not more convenient conversations). Our purchasing habits have changed. The way we are entertained is different. Financial transactions are made faster (take a picture of a check? REALLY?!!). 
And the young people I know - especially my 13 year old granddaughter - would rather text than talk. 

What makes this possible? The Internet!

Watch the video. See what it was like before technology was as advanced as it has become. Twenty years ago, we barely know what it was. Now we can scarcely dream of a world without it!

Thanks to Britton Peele for this article in (Dallas Morning News). Read it tell me: is technology really a godsend? Or is it of the devil?

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