Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CPPP's 'A Fighting Chance' - Feeling Like an American

I find it interesting when the emotional defense against providing public supports for our neighbors trapped in poverty is the self righteous notion that 'poor choices' have led to their circumstances.

Who among us hasn't made 'poor choices'?

But, of course, we like to project that we've never repeated mistakes, or that we've overcome them by our own grit and hard work. I suppose there are a number of people for whom that is true. It certainly isn't for me, nor is it true for most people I know. 

Most people need the type of support that allows them to imagine a better future for themselves and for their families. 

Delores' is just such a story...

Thanks to the Center for Public Policy Priorities for providing this story. It's a clip from a documentary called 'A Fighting Chance'. All of the stories in the documentary don't have as happy an ending as Delores'. But hers is a story that reminds us that public support programs serve a purpose...it takes people who have made mistakes and helps them to '...feel like an American'

We all should feel more like Americans when we learn about stories like hers...

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