Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oh Say Aren't You Ashamed? This Sunday's Lesson Taught by Sebastian De La Cruz

The only thing that surprises me more than what comes out of the mouths of children, are the mean, hateful spiteful things that come out of the mouths of adults.

I am a Miami Heat fan (if it hadn't been for the childish brouhaha that came from Cleveland Cavalier fans when LaBron James played out his contract with the team and decided to opt for Miami instead of renewing with Cavaliers, I'd probably never have paid attention to them), so I'm paying a little more attention to the NBA championship than I might have otherwise, since the Dallas Mavericks missed the playoffs.

And, frankly, I wouldn't pay much attention to the National Anthem prior to the start of the came, unless there had been a celebrity singing it. I caught the tale end of little Sebastian De La Cruz's rendition of the nation's song and, to be honest, paid little attention, other than to think the little fellow had a nice voice.

But the next day, I read that the 'twitterverse' was bombarded with complaints from racists that little Sebastian had been selected to sing 'The Star Spangled Banner'. Seriously. Some, supposedly patriotic 'adults, found fault with the boy's singing our nation's anthem, because they thought his Hispanic surname meant that he was 'illegal'.

I wish I could say something stronger than, 'They ought to be ashamed of themselves'. But really, they should. Of course those tweets were 'anonymous' or using twitter handles that masked their true identity. The Internet provides a heavy thick veil for some very sad and cowardly people who would be too ashamed, or afraid, to say the vile things they write within earshot of a co-worker, a neighbor or, yes, a fellow church member.

I will tell you who should be very, very, very proud - the parents of Sebastian De La Cruz. This little boy showed more grace and class than all of the 'adult' critics who said vile, mean things because they thought he was undocumented...

Impressive and surprising poise from a 10 year old! 

And as his reward? He got to sing the National Anthem again, in game four!

So while racist tweeters get to go back to their jobs, or among their friends and neighbors without having revealed how mean spirited and hateful they are - because they use twitter handles or are anonymous, little Sebastian De La Cruz, gets feted and celebrated because at 11, he's actually more mature than those who said such nasty things. 

I'm writing this post for Sunday, because those of us who are Christian, must love those racists...

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