Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Grand Canyon will You Walk?

Ok, I'll confess, after he walked the expanse of Niagra Falls I thought the idea of the Grand Canyon was...crazy!

When I found out that Nik Wallenda was actually going to do it, I wanted to see it, but I couldn't bear to watch it live.

Clearly he has more courage than I. It helped that I wasn't going to be at home to see it, so I recorded it and watched it later...after I found out he was successful. And no, if he didn't make it I wouldn't have watched it. As you've heard that's 1400 ft across and 1500 ft down!

I can be a skeptic. I wanted to find something wrong with the daredevil feat. I wanted to be a little cynical about the 'Praise you Jesus' as he walked the cable. But I could only come away with one thing...

At some point we all have a tightrope to walk. We all have something we want to achieve, something that, in failing, makes us think that we will have lost everything.

For Nik Wallenda it was the Grand Canyon (ok, someone had to point out it wasn't actually the Grand Canyon...but you get my drift)...what is it for you?

And why aren't you walking?

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