Friday, July 12, 2013

A New Appreciation for 'The Voice'

I'm a fan of the late Studs Terkel. Ironically one of the things I loved about author, broadcaster and historian, was the sound of his voice! I also loved his insight - profound in its simplicity - calling attention to things we see everyday and causing us to take a deeper look. 

This video in which he wonders 'What's happened to the sound of the human voice', is a call to have a deeper appreciation of the 'noise' of our neighbors. To rediscover the appreciation of the crowd's chatter and the gossip of those with whom we stand in line. 

Our smart phones, tablets and ipods, all conspire to isolate us from life 'live' and help reinforce the idea that we can live in this world untouched by the joy and sorrows of others. The automated voices of our elevators, of our trams and buses and cars and 'Siris', are poor technological imitations of the human voice; incapable of interruption, rudeness or the expression of love. That's what Terkel is getting at here. 

I'm was a big fan of Studs Terkel...I still am!

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