Monday, July 1, 2013

'Casablanca' - Sometimes You Just Sing Louder!

For the longest time, I've gone along with conventional evaluation that labels 'Citizen Kane' as the greatest movie of all time. Perhaps that's still true, but I was watching 'Casablanca' for the 9 millionth time the other night and I think I might switch my vote!

Aside from a killer cast of characters, from Humphrey Bogart, to Ingrid Bergman, to Paul Henreid, to Claude Rains, it is a powerful cast with a gripping story from beginning to end.

This is definitely one of my favorite scenes. As the German officers sing an anthem, these members of the French Resistance, full of passion and prize raise their voices as they sing their country's national anthem "La Marseillaise", first outsinging, then drowning out the Nazis. The look on the faces of the French patrons is absolutely priceless, as it reflects the pride, power and transcendent hope of the French patrons' will. 

Sometimes you just have to sing louder...

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