Thursday, August 8, 2013

ACU at CitySquare - An Exciting Partnership

Lately, when people talk with me about the work we're doing at CitySquare, I find myself saying, 'We're excited...' a lot. 

But that's because we are! From the work we're doing in public policy, and the expansion of our job training program, to our Food on the Move program which this summer will serve 1 million meals to children who would otherwise go without lunch and the completion of our 53,000 square foot Opportunity Center on the outskirts of South Dallas, our work is really...well, exciting!

When I came to the organization, I told Larry James, our President, that we really need to have a relationship with colleges and universities. While we were nowhere near the size we are now, I knew that what we were doing, even then, should be of interest to academic institutions in this state and throughout the country. But I never imagined what we are experiencing now!

Abilene Christian University is partnering with CitySquare in a most unique way. While instituting degree programs which relate their various disciplines to the our various programs and departments, they are providing us with an ingenuity and energy that comes from young people seeking fresh innovative ways to apply their ambitions, passions and faith; we provide ACU with an opportunity for experiential learning that takes their education beyond the theoretical and provides them to engage in practical application for what they are learning. 

I love these kids! They are idealistic, they are smart, they are eager to make a difference. I love their professors! They are passionately committed to the mission of their students, the school and CitySquare's mission. It's a great partnership that will transform many lives...and I'm not just talking about the lives we will touch among those we call poor. We are all being made better through this partnership. 

Yeah, 'exciting' is the right word!

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