Thursday, August 1, 2013

'Dallas at the Tipping Point' - Ten Years Later

Jim Mitchell of the Dallas Morning News, brought to mind a special project launched by the paper almost 10 years ago.

'Dallas at the Tipping Point', as I remember, caused quite a stir in some circles. Ours tends to be a seriously image conscious city. I think it is much more so in a different way. It's a great city, but we tend to want to mask our problems at times. So when a report like 'the Tipping Point', commissioned by Booz Allen Hamilton, critiqued and in some cases outright criticized the lack of vision, an inability on the part of City Hall to work with business, as well as what the report referred to as a 'talent deficit', there were a few people who bristled. There was the belief that Dallas must work on its strengths in order to diminished its weaknesses.

I understand that focusing on the negatives isn't how you 'sell' a city. But in order to properly prioritize resources and align responses to challenges and problems efficiently, you've got to acknowledge those challenges and problems, otherwise you just kick the can down the road.

Personally, I think Dallas is better than it was 10 years ago. Some would argue differently. We do have serious work to do. But we are better. But what do you think? Here's the actual report. Here's a portion of the DMN 'Tipping Point' section.

You decide...

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