Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dr.C.T. Vivian: Medal of Freedom Honeree

Later this year, Dr. C.T. Vivian, will be among 16 American heroes to receive the Medal of Freedom, our nation's highest civilian award. Along with American heroes like President Bill Clinton, Ben Bradlee (posthumously), Bayard Rustin (posthumously), Oprah Winfrey and Daniel Inouye (posthumously), Vivian will be recognized by President Barack Obama in an East Wing ceremony that will honor citizens for their contributions in advancing American democracy. 

C.T. Vivian is particularly noteworthy in that the iconic video footage which shows him being punched in the face by Dallas County Sheriff Jim Clark, as he tries to register black Americans in Selma, Alabama while they are standing in a cold rain in February 1965. 

Dr. Vivian courageous stance, along with those who were with him on that day, is a reminder of both the precious nature of the right to vote and why we must fight the pernicious voter I.D. laws coursing through our nation. 

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