Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Too Many Rivers To Cross" Great History Makes Great Television

Here's a gift for you...

 I've been told that people who read blogs don't watch embedded videos longer than five, ten minutes max. I'm betting that if you read CTW you've got more stamina than that!

One of the treats of the television season, is PBS' broadcast of Dr. Henry Louis Gates documentary series 'The African-Americans: Many Rivers Cross'. History doesn't get much better than this. 

The six part series is a rapid fire, but substantive view of the history of blacks in this country from the very beginning of slavery until now. Along the way, Gates tells stories of some the most notable black figures, but he also cites the contributions of African-Americans whose names may be somewhat obscure, but whose contributions carry pretty weighty significance, like Charles Hamilton Houston, Dean of Howard University's law school, and special counsel to the NAACP. It was Houston who laid the groundwork to  fight this country's pernicious segregation laws which promoted 'Separate But Equal' public education. His work ultimately resulted in one of his famous pupils, Thurgood Marshall arguing the famous Brown v. Board of Education case which legally abolished segregation in schools and American life. 

So my gift to you? Here's the entire fourth episode!

Check your PBS local listing for showtimes in your area.

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