Thursday, December 5, 2013

Everyday is Labor Day when You Work for Minimum Wage

Of course it's past Labor Day. But Robert Reich's solutions to income inequality and an enhanced standard of living for low wage earners is just as pertinent now as it was a few months ago. 

As the holidays are upon us and we think about the economy, how much people will spend for Christmas. This is not just an appeal to greed, the nation's fiscal health is largely dependent upon Yuletide generosity. Yet where will that money come from without decent wages and a people confident enough to spend their earnings? We need people to consume goods and use services in order to restore our economy to health.
But a decent wage and a fairness for low income workers means a lot more and Reich does a great job of explaining that here.

Its a pretty good bet that the movie,  'Inequality for All' will show up in CitySquare's documentary offerings in 2014 and that living wage jobs will be on our public policy agenda...

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