Saturday, December 21, 2013

So At Least I Still Have My Health!

A funny thing happened to me on the way to my last column/blog post - I had a stroke!

Those of you who have followed me on other social media realize that this is not something I've been bashful about.In October, I experienced what, in retrospect, what may have been a TIA - a severe one. When I was released from the hospital, I  experienced what may be considered a residual episode of that event.

This recent episode was something different, however.

I was awakened from a late Saturday night sleep, thirsty and without feeling the need to go back to bed any time soon. I sat up in my office, channel surfing and looking at what I could catch good on TV. Thirty minutes into whatever I was looking at, I noticed I couldn't really 'feel' the right side of  my body! I tried to reach for the phone to call my wife, asleep in the other room, but I couldn't reach the phone which was on my desk! I finally ambled around my desk, sat exhausted at the phone and called her. She and my daughter tried to help me up and it was no use!

My daughter was the one who told us we needed to call an ambulance, and with that came other anxieties. In the ambulance, I became aware of other weaknesses, most obvious was a growing numbness on my right side. And a growing loss of speech.

Well, to make a long story short, doctors, after several tests determined that my original episode was indeed a stroke and this was some sort of abnormal continuation of that. I spent a week in rehab and was released afterwards, to outpatient care. Prognosis is that I'll be back to normal in little or no time.

Of course questions abound as to how this came about. Naturally the first culprit was smoking. I've smoke now for some 40 years now and adverse affects have been few, even when it comes to check ups. And even though I've been warned, warnings in the absent of empirical evidence of direct negative impact, really is little more than a sign to continue.Was it the spin of medicines that I was one? Probably. It appears that the regime  that they have me own currently, is working and while not fully ambulatory, I'm nearly back to normal. It seems to be a combination of at least these to things and I'm determined to find my way out.

At any rate, I wanted to thank you who knew and those who weren't quite sure for your concern! It's been heartwarming to say the least. Thanks to my children. I forget what hard nosed girls I've raised. The oldest daughter, Carrie, raised questions which, while not leading to positive test results, resulted in a test which eliminated another possibility. My other two daughters, Adrienne and Camary have been wonderful in their support.

I cannot say enough about my wife.Throughout all of this, I know she must be frightened, but she's been a soldier and it has caused me to find new reasons to love her.

Finally, thanks to Larry James and CitySquare, this has been a trying time during a growth period for us. And I know my absence hasn't helped much, but I appreciate Larry and the team understanding and being willing to help us in anyway possible. There encouragement has meant more than they realize!

I certainly want to include Keilah Jacques, whom I would not have been able to get through this period without. She has rearranged, adjusted and sifted through meeting requests and deadlines; she has filled in where she could and in general been useful in a most formidable way! Thanks Keilah.

So what does this mean for CTW? Oh you'll hear from me relatively soon and often. Early on it won't be everyday while I focus on recovery, but often enough to let you know I'm paying attention. And then there are other changes that I think will prompt a more activist model for Public Policy and social engagement. In other words, we're still on it!

In the meantime...thanks...a LOT!

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