Tuesday, December 31, 2013

There's Still Time to Give to CitySquare!

For far too many of us, poverty is an abstract concept. We know it exists, we know caricatures of poverty - the neighborhood kook, the guy on the corner who will certainly ask anyone for money so he can go to the liquor store and get a pint; the sister on the corner who will do anything for $5. These people are poor, but there are other poor people as well...

The father who struggles to find a job so he can feed his family
The mother who has to make difficult choice between work and childcare
The child in the classroom who finds it hard to concentrate because he or she is hungry
The young lady who is ashamed because her mother can't afford another school uniform

CitySquare actually tries to touch the lives of all of these people! I want you to help us! At CitySquare, 92 cents of every dollar directly meets the needs of people we serve.

CitySquare organizes an array of services designed to meet the needs of the people categorized as 'poor':

A public interest law firm that provides legal representation for poor families
One of the largest food pantries in Dallas County
Housing for nearly 200 formerly homeless individuals
Job Training for more than 100 people a year
we fight the businesses that keep poor neighborhoods poor, like metal recyclers and payday lenders, and we keep people informed on the issues that impoverish all communities
and much, much more!

You can make an end of the year gift that will help us reach the goal of $1 million before 2014. No gift is too small. Every dollar and dime makes a difference.

Together we can  fight poverty throughout Dallas and beyond!

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