Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beware of ObamaScare!

Do the stories of 'millions upon millions' of Americans losing their healthcare because of the dreaded "Obamacare" monster, make you suspicious?

They should. It's not because all of them are not true - some of them are - but not nearly as we are being made to believe and not for the reasons being proffered.

The Affordable Care Act, the real name of the law, President Obama's signature legislative achievement, as been assailed as not doing enough by liberals and as doing far too much - in fact ruining health care in America - by conservatives.

There are press reports that give lead many to believe that the ACA is indeed an abominable failure. Like the real estate entrepreneur who asked for an explanation as to how participation in California's health care exchange, would be more expensive 'by a wide margin'. Of course the reporter didn't answer her question but Michael Hiltzik did follow up with her and show her how under the silver or bronze plan she would not only be saving money she would save on premiums, have no limits on doctors visits and have coverage which couldn't be taken away.

And then there is the Fort Worth Star Telegram, which according to Maggie Mahar, has a similar issue playing fast and lose with the facts...

"For months, health reform’s opponents have been feasting on tales of Obamacare’s innocent victims – Americans who lost their insurance because it doesn’t comply with the ACA’s regulations, and now have to shell out more than they can afford – or go without coverage.
"Yesterday I posted about a Fort Worth Star Telegram article that leads with the tale of Whitney Johnson, a 26-year-old new mother who suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS). Her insurer just cancelled her policy, and according to Johnson, new insurance would cost her over $1,000 a month.
"That claim stopped me in my tracks. Under the ACA, no 26-year-old could be charged $1,000 monthly – even if she has MS.
"Obamacare prohibits insurers from charging more because a customer suffers from a pre-existing condition. This rule applies to all new policies, whether they are sold inside or outside the exchanges.
"At that point, I knew that something was wrong.
"When I checked the exchange – plugging in Johnson’s county and her age – I soon found a Blue Choice Gold PPO plan priced at $332 monthly (just $7 more than she had been paying for the plan that was cancelled). Co-pays to see a primary care doctor would run just $10 ($50 to visit a specialist) and she would not have to pay down the $1,500 deductible before the insurance kicked in.
"My radar went up. Recently, I have been reading more and more reports regarding “fake Obamacare victims.”" (You can read the rest of the report here).
I think more of us who know the facts about the new health care law need to speak up. If we don't those with scarce resources, little time and suspect agendas, will make what will be a good law more frightening than it has to be...

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