Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How Do You Make it if You are Poor?

Invariably when you talk about poverty someone will say, "It's about personal responsibility; if these people didn't have children they can't take care of their lives would be easier." Or "Why don't these people just get another job?" Or even, "What are churches and other non-profits doing to help these people?"  

Of course the first question falls in the category of what I call, 'true but useless information'. The fact is 'these people' do have these children and something needs to be done about them...not in the abstract, but concretely. The other two questions are simply idle questions in which many times earnest people seeking to evade any sense of personal responsibility, or public responsibility, try and come up with 'easy' solutions to someone else's problems. 

This video by Catholic Campaign for Human Development outlines the issue as plainly as possible, while also making the case for a $10-$15 minimum wage.

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