Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years' Resolutions

So have you made any resolutions yet? Still mulling them over? Its probably one of the most common things 

you do, or one of the things you tend to avoid. But I would say this Top Ten list is inclusive of more quality of life resolutions than I've read in a while - or at least seen in one place in awhile. 

Check out the list, click on each one and get some helpful hints on how to follow through. And, by the way, if you find yourself unsuccessful at any point in the year, just hop back on the wagon. I once read that our most common disappointments are those we cause ourselves by giving up on our commitments to ourselves. These resolutions won't in and of themselves make your life better, but in terms of self confidence they will bolster your outlook for the coming year!

The Top Ten Resolutions List

  1. 1. Stop Smoking
  2. 2. Get into a Habit of being Fit
  3. Start Treating your Body Better
  4. 3. Lose Weight - the Battle of the Bulge
  5. 4. Enjoy Life More.
  6. 5. Quit Drinking
  7. 6. Organise Yourself - this is one of the keys to reaching your goals
  8. 7. Learn Something New
  9. 8. Get out of Debt
  10. 9. Spend More Time With Family
  11. 10. Help People.
  12. Make those Resolutions stick! Set your Goals
Here's the full page of  resolutions...

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