Tuesday, February 11, 2014

'Black Like Me' a Story of a Willingness to Identify with the Pain of 'Otherness'

CitySquare's Urban Engagement Book Club reviews books that deal with politics, culture and society and the relationship between the three and CitySquare values of faith, stewardship, community and justice. 
One such book is 'Black Like Me' by John Howard Griffin. In the early '60's Griffin who was white, chemically altered his color to live as a black man. 'Black Like Me' is the story of his life as he went through this experience.
Randy Mayeux doesn't read the book to us, nor our we required to read the books. He reads them for us and reviews the books for us to provide attendees with an exciting discussion of the book. 
We had a great time with 'Black Like Me'! Below are the Randy's notes he provides for all of us. I hate you have to explore this sans discussion, but we meet every first Thursday at Wilshire Baptist Church (4318 Abrams Road, 75214) and every third Thursday at First United Methodist Church, 1928 Ross Ave, Downtown Dallas, 75201. 
Hope we see you next time!

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