Saturday, February 8, 2014

Commercials, Culture and Utter Nonsense

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Coca Cola is a commercial product. It has no national 'brand'. It has no cultural creative context. No more than Bugs Bunny, Welch's Grape Juice or Kentucky Fried Chicken.

There is no 'American' language. We speak English, but it is English derived from our an amalgam of different languages. When we say us the word 'bourgois' or say something isn't 'kosher', or 'gumbo' we use different languages we have incorporated into our 'English' language to explain class, fairness and food.

'The Star Spangled Banner' is the National Anthem...not 'America the Beautiful', the song sung in the commercial.

When Coca-Cola showed its commercial with people of different languages singing 'America the Beautiful' people got upset.

Silly people got upset.

I'm glad they showed it again...

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