Monday, February 3, 2014

I Don't Get It...

OK, everyone knows the Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII 43-8. I found it to be a great game. but then again I'm a fan of blowouts. I think in a championship game its pretty compelling when one team shows itself clearly better than another. But that's just me...apparently...

But another even more controversial part of the championship game was one particular commercial - featuring Coca-Cola no less! 

The makers of Coke decided to show a commercial with several voices of several nationalities singing 'America the Beautiful' in their native languages. Evidently twitter was ablaze with people who objected to this display of people extolling the beauty of America in their own languages. 

I don't get it...

There is no 'native' American language (unless you count the languages of actual native Americans) and America is beautiful in any language. So what's the problem? The only issue I can see is a number of nationalists Americans attitudes have become hardened and crass.

I remember a time when Americans were criticized for their lack of foreign travel, lack of familiarity with foreign cultures and languages. That wasn't that long ago. And to that, Americans all said it was a good idea that Americans travel abroad and become familiar with the rest of the world. I'm not sure what's happened, but that type of broad interest in the rest of the world has devolved into a sad and sorry xenophobia.

Things go better with Coke...but apparently only if the language you know how to say that in is English (or 'American'...whatever language that is)!

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