Monday, February 10, 2014

Thirty-one Percent Better? I'm Not So Sure...

Go here to read and see the City Council hearing in which in Dallas' new City Manager, A.C. Gonzales' compensation is deliberated upon.

Let me be clear: I have no quarrel with A.C. Gonzales. I think he will make a fine City Manager. I think that while a good faith effort was made to explore alternatives, he was the best of those under consideration.

I have issues with the amount of his compensation.

I also know the previous City Manager, Mary Suhm. I have no problem with her. I think that she was an excellent public servant, no matter the issues may have shadowed  her departure.

Ms. Suhm's compensation was $305,000 a year. Mr. Gonzales is coming in at $400,000 a year. There's something wrong with that.

I think this is an issue of gender discrimination. I see no reason why Gonzales' salary should be 31 percent more than Suhm's. All of the success that Councilman Carroway mentioned came under Ms. Suhm. At what point was it decided that he was worth that much more than his predecessor. I think that we need to look seriously at this.

This is not a matter of whether or not Mary Suhm is doing well with her retirement compensation. She won't be on public assistance anytime soon. Nor is it a matter of whether or not A.C. Gonzales will build upon her accomplishments, of course he will. This is whether or not there is pay equity in the city of Dallas when it comes to gender. If this is the case with the City Manager's position, you can bet its the same in every other position.

I believe that Mayor Rawlings needs to form a commission to look at this. Because if the only reason why A.C. Gonzales is making 31 percent more than Mary Suhm is that he's a man and she's a woman, something's out of whack...

Someone missed what President Barack Obama said in his State of the Union Address...

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