Sunday, March 16, 2014

Integrated Churches

How do you feel about integrated churches? How do they grow? How do they experience God and one another?

We have heard for decades that the most segregated hour is Sunday morning. I think it must be a great challenge to overcome one's natural worship proclivities and live spiritually with one another. But there are churches that chose to struggle with it. It's not 'natural'. But it must be something like heaven to worship with peoples whose expression of love and need for God is expressed culturally and ethnically in different ways.

Am I a member of an integrated church? No. My family attends a church of some 5-6000 members and less than one percent of the people I see on any given Sunday morning are not black. Our pastor wants an integrated church and he's trying to get there, but it's not going to be easy, just as these two pastors from Houston have not found it easy. They have chosen to engage in that spiritual, cultural and ecclesiastical struggle. And for that I say God bless them!

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