Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Human Evil, Sowing and Reaping

Early televisions' greatest morality plays were performed in a classic television show called 'The Twilight Zone'. The creator, Rod Serling had ways of reminding us, somewhat uncomfortably, of what life's sowing and reaping.  And this one, 'Deaths Head Revisited', is one of my favorites.

It revisits darkest periods of mankind as a former Nazi nostalgic' for the 'good ol' days, revisits Dachau and runs into the evil he has inflicted upon humanity. What happens after that is the quid pro quo that life liberally distributes to those who commit such evil unrepentantly. 

While The Twilight Zone has many episodes more a little more relevant to it is a reminder that there is a law that transcends our decadence and corruption. We can run from it but we cannot hide. And those of us whose fears, or self-sufficient fearlessness force us to give ourselves over to them can count on an unrelenting retribution...

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