Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Don't Miss PBS' 'Freedom Summer'

Freedom Summer is a thrilling account of the attempt of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committing (SNCC), and its attempt to shine light on the violence, oppression and hatred of the state of Mississippi. It is also a story of the triumphant courage concluding with the formation of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and their challenge of the legitimacy of the 'official' Democratic delegation from Mississippi during the Democratic Convention in Atlantic City in 1964.

For anyone who feels that voting doesn't matter; that participation in the political process isn't important, needs to see how critical this act of citizenship was to these plain, rural people. It is an amazing, stirring story of blacks serious about their rights, allied with brave young white people undeterred by even by the tragic deaths of James Chaney, Mickey Schwerner and Andrew Goodman.

It is a story of ordinary people power in which Fannie Lou Hamer in her testimony before Democratic Credentials Committee and Presidential power, as Lyndon Johnson sought, in vain, to preempt her testimony by an impromptu press conference to keep her testimony from being shown live.

The people who made a difference, then and now, are the minimum wage workers, the people without status, the people who are consistently marginalized. Its a great story, it will be repeated several times this week, on your local PBS station. Please don't miss it...

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