Thursday, June 19, 2014

Glenn Beck - Welcome to the Side of Reason

Glenn Beck's gone round the bend! 

I once said I will make no reference to Glenn Beck, because I wanted to be one of the first ones to signify with my silence that I knew him to be a man with nothing to say...

And now this...he says, about the war in Iraq, "...liberals were right; I was wrong...

Watch the clip with me. And then, as one respondent said, she went outside and looked up in the air and saw pigs flying,

Thanks God!

It's not just that Beck has seen the light, time has proven that our nearly $2 trillion dollar, 4500 American life (and God only knows how many Iraqui lives) was a painful lesson in misadventure. Beck is right, we cannot force democracy on anyone at the point of a gun and we need to demand that any country crying out for freedom do more than simply cry out and ask 'Where is America?'. America needs a standing military for two reasons a) to defend herself against aggressors and to join a real coalition of countries against international bad actors whose threats are at least as plain to their neighbors as they are to us. We simply cannot police the world. As I said to friends in 2003 when we went to war in Iraq, '...unless we are trying to create a 51st state in Iraq, we need to stay out.' We went to war without an exit strategy, and having failed to find weapons of mass destruction or nuclear weapons, engaged in mission creep and nation building until it was crystal clear that in order to stay we would have to occupy the nation by force.

So while Glenn Beck may be wrong on a number of other things, he is right on what progressives were right about when came to the Iraq war: we should have stayed out. Saddham Hussein was a bad guy - who had been our ally for years while he was a bad guy, but we let our newly discovered sense of 'patriotic nationalism get the better of us and went to war in a country not to get those necessary for 9-11, but to get someone whose own ideals we don't like. For those bloodthirsty Americans who want to do that all over the world, we can set the reset button and find plenty of despots in Africa, North Korea and South America we can pick on. But we won't have the resources to fight them if we use all our resources in the Middle East.
He's also right in that this is one of those issues around which there seems to be bipartisan support.

I'd just like to say one thing to Beck...welcome to the club...

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