Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Brain Center at Whipple's or What Do we do with the Workers We've Replaced?

I don't want to tax your patience but this episode of the Twilight Zone is...well prophetic, Of course the first picture is the the old fashion assembly line. The kind  that the foreman  and Handley were talking about. The kind of work that provided dignity and self-worth as men looked at what they made with their hands. 

Take the time to watch the episode of the Twilight Zone and it won't take long. And look at the third picture, those machines have taken the place of the men in the first picture. 

Now I'm not asking for a return to the 'good 'ol days', Progress does indeed move in on the wheels of inevitability. But who retrains the men and women in picture number one? Who teaches those in the first picture who need to feed their families and who need the dignity of work to help them feel alive. 

Too...compassionate? Maybe so. Or maybe you see profit and business through the eyes of Mr. Whipple...if so, beware...

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