Friday, July 18, 2014

Darkness: What Happens When We Hate

Still another 'Twilight Zone' episode that I believe speaks to our age. On yesterday at our 'Urban Engagement Book Club', our book reviewer, Randy Mayeaux shared with us highlights from the book 

"The Latino Threat: Constructing Immigrants, Citizens, and the Nation". It was somewhat fortuitous that we selected that book for review, considering the fact that we chose the almost five months ago, with no idea of the events related to the flood of Latinos flowing into the United States from primarily Central America, today. 

Many of us were also overwhelmed by the ignorance, vitriol and hatefulness shown to that community. The tragedy is the fear that 'they' are coming 'here' to 'take over' 'our' country is leading some conspiracy theorists towards conclusions that can only be classified as bizarre. Furthermore, the degree to which understanding is being replaced by stereotype and objectification is again quite telling - about us - and quite disturbing. 

My fear is that we are drifting towards becoming a nation that is at war with 'the other'. And our neo-isolationism and protectionism are leading down a road in which suspicion gives way to hate. Watch this episode and see what happens when hate becomes so 'thick' and full with noxious hate that we have no choice but to vomit it up. At that point darkness is the irrefutable result. 

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