Thursday, December 18, 2014

President Elizabeth Warren? Think its Possible?

  One of my very first mentions of Elizabeth Warren came during her eventually successful bid to become United States Senator from Massachusetts. I had the opportunity to moderate a meeting when she came to Dallas, promoting the work of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau which she created to reign in the most excessive practice of big banks and payday lenders. Suffice it to say I've been smitten with her for quite awhile.

Warren's intelligence, her capacity to explain issues related to finance and fiscal policy understandable, and to come up with creative policy proposals to deal with those issues, is a simply amazing.

Elizabeth Warren appearing before Congressional Oversight Panel 2008

So it's not surprising that as we approach the Presidential election of 2016, that she has been mentioned more and more often as a contender for the Oval Office. Now, of course it is widely believed that Hillary Clinton is the front runner for the Democratic nomination. But for any number of reasons, support for Senator Warren is growing. Even New York Times columnist David Brooks is touting the Senator as a possible 2016 presidential contender.

"The political class has been wondering if Warren, a United States senator from Massachusetts, will take on Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. This speculation is usually based on the premise that Warren couldn’t actually win, but that she could move the party in her direction. But, today, even for those of us who disagree with Warren fundamentally, it seems clear that she does have a significant and growing chance of being nominated."

"Her chances are rising because of that word “fight.” The emotional register of the Democratic Party is growing more combative. There’s an underlying and sometimes vituperative sense of frustration toward President Obama, and especially his supposed inability to go to the mat."

"Events like the Brown case in Ferguson and the Garner case in New York have raised indignation levels across the progressive spectrum. Judging by recent polls, the midterm defeat has not scared Democrats into supporting the safe option; it’s made them angrier about the whole system. As the party slips more into opposition status, with the next Congress, this aggressive outsider spirit will only grow."

I don't know how much of a chance Senator Warren would have in a political 'fight' with Hillary Clinton (or anyone else for that matter). But I wish she would run, if only to make the case for a more rational fiscal policy that would restore the middle class and protect the poor. Frankly, even as a huge Clinton 'fan', I don't know who else could.

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